Huvin ja urheilun vuoksi.

Fedorenko: Arrogance has no place in this sport

IceChamber Kettlebell Girls, Maya Garcian tekemä Valery Fedorenko Interview. Kyseessä on Amerikkaan muuttanut venäläinen huippu-urheilija, useiden maailmanmestaruuksien kahvakuulaurheilija, Honored Master of Sport muun muassa (lisää haastattelussa). Hänen käsialaansa on myös World Kettlebell Club jota itsekin edustan ja jonka metodeja käytän harjoittelussani. :)

Tässä Valery Fedorenko ja Catherine Imes. Valmentajani valmentaja ja valmentajani.

Haastattelu on mielenkiintoinen heille, jotka tuntevat kahvakuulaurheilua lajina. Kaikille mielenkiintoista sen sijaan on esimerkiksi tämä lainaus. Mikä yhdistää menestyjiä?

Maya: What attributes do great lifters have in common?

Fedorenko: Patience and focus are big ones. I think great lifters must be eager to do well, but have to be patient to wait for it, and focus hard to achieve it. Without stability, a kettlebell lifter will not get far. A chaotic life or mind will not work after a certain level.  Sometime during the early steps of kettlebell sport lifting, a great athlete must become a fanatic for this sport. They cannot be in it for money because money can’t make you work this hard.

I’m always happy to find that the greats are always humble. They talk about what they did, and they are proud of it, but they know that there is someone out there, many in fact, that have the same ambition, skill, capacity, reason etc. to do the same or better. When they meet their likes, they respect them because they know what kind of people they are. Arrogance has no place in this sport. I’m always aggravated by those who call out what they will do at some future date. When some inexperienced lifter calls out a feat that only 5 or 10 lifters have ever done, not even coming close in training, and then shows way less than what they “projected,” they disrespect those that did that level and themselves. I try to teach my students to keep ambition and dreams inside and in check until you achieve something. Make public announced estimates smaller than what you actually do on the platform. It’s a trait among all greats.



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